Mintz Christian Academy

Created by God to be used by God.

2741 Mintz Road, Roseboro, NC 28382


Do all students study the Bible?

Yes, all students will study the Bible in a class especially designed to build the student's knowledge of Christ and as the truths of scripture related to other subject matter. Historically in the United States, schools in America were established to teach students to read the Bible. Although, we will utilize other texts, the Bible will be a foundational text in which all other learning will be directed. New learning in Science or History will be based on the Truths in scripture.

What is the Philosophy of MCA Teaching?

All children are granted unique God-given talents, skills, and abilities that can be enhanced to a greater academic potential as they learn and work in a safe Christian setting. Every day offers a challenge for development through language skills, exposure to new information, and problem solving. By focusing on academic and spiritual development, MCA’s goal is to produce well-grounded and well-rounded students. To this end, certified teachers, qualified assistants, and experienced administration – all from a Christian walk- will pursue excellence under the ultimate leadership of our Lord.

What is the dress code at MCA?

MCA uniform tops must be purchased in the MCA school store. Khaki bottoms may be purchased at any store. The Academy colors are red, gold, and black.

Does MCA offer an after school care program?

Yes we do! After school care is $10 per day per child. Parents only pay for the days the service is used; there is no contract. The hours of ASC are from 3-6 pm. If students are not picked up within 15 minutes of school dismissal, they must check in with ASC. They may not stay on campus unsupervised. Our ASC program is provided for MCA students only. This program will consist of supervised outside play, homework labs, Christian DVDs, presentation, and other appropriate games. A late fee of $5 per minute will be assessed after 6pm when parents are late picking up their child.

How are meals provided to the students at MCA?

MCA will provide a balanced meal each day. As we teach and model good eating habits for our students through our healthy meals, we will not provide candy or soft drinks for the students except for special occasions. We would appreciate it if you would follow this example in the lunches you pack from home. Microwaves will not be available for student use in younger grades, so please plan your child’s lunch accordingly.

We will use a debit program for lunch which allows you to pay ahead for lunches. As your child orders lunch each day that money is deducted. Teachers will inform you when that account is running low.

Parents are welcome to bring in lunch and eat with their child. Parents also have the option to join their child for lunch and enjoy the hot meal served by the school that day. Please notify the school office by 8:15 if you want to be added to the lunch count for that day and remember to sign in at the school office before joining your child for lunch.

What is MCA's choice of curriculum?

The MCA curriculum is Christian-oriented and designed to be challenging so as to promote basic academic and intellectual habits and skills required for success in future academic arenas.

• Christian textbooks from A-Beka and Purposeful Design historically proven to produce excellence in academics.

• Critical thinking skills are reinforced throughout the curriculum.

• Units of study are linked to Scripture – showing God's Word is alive and applicable today.

• Curriculum utilizes the NIV translation of Scripture.

• Novel-based reading is incorporated as a standard to build a strong literature base.

• A supply/resource list will be accessible in the MCA office.

• Students will participate in a summer reading program for first grade and higher.

Are your teachers certified?

Each classroom teacher has a minimum 4 year education degree.  Half of our teaching staff has a masters degree and two of them have their doctorates.  Each teacher is highly qualified. We require teachers to apply for their ACSI license since ACSI is who we are working with for our accreditation. Many of our staff have a teacher’s license with the state of NC also.

Frequently Asked Questions: