Mintz Christian Academy

Created by God to be used by God.

2741 Mintz Road, Roseboro, NC 28382


Mintz Christian Academy’s high school will provide an atmosphere and educational structure that fosters academic training, stimulates academic curiosity and critical thinking, and develops a love and appreciation for knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.high school continues to strive for excellence and produce well-rounded graduates who are ready and willing to make a difference in the world.

The mission of Mintz Christian Academy’s high school is to provide God-centered secondary education to young men and women using the Bible and its principles as the foundation for the total curriculum.


MCA students will come to a saving knowledge of Christ, to be daily transformed in His image, and to be fully equipped to serve Christ in their everyday lives.

Objectives of the College Program:

·It is our desire to give our students the individual attention they need to plan their post high school education.

·It is our desire to assist parents as they plan for their student’s future.

·It is our desire to give students resources to make choices for their unique needs.

·It is our desire to give students prognostic tools to determine their future success.

We will meet these objectives through:

·College counseling for all high school students

·College readiness curriculum from the College Foundation of North Carolina for middle and high school students

·Evening seminars for parents and juniors/seniors concerning college entrance and Financial Aid (FAFSA)

·College Fair field trips planned for juniors and seniors

·Junior/Senior on-line dual college courses

MCA’s schedule will follow a 8-period day with 50 minutes for each period. Students will take a class for a full year to earn a credit.

Total costs for high school = Tuition + Fees (Student Resource & Developmental) for 12 months:  $394.75 per month

4.0 Grading Scale:

100-90  A

89-80    B

79-70    C

69-60    D

59-below  F


4 Credits



4 Credits


4 Credits

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math

Social Studies

4 Credits

Civics and Economics, World History, US History I and II


3 Credits

Physical Science, Biology, Environmental Science

Foreign Languages

2 Credits

Not required for high

school graduation. A

two-credit minimum is required for admission to most universities. It will be required at MCA.


1 Credit


2 Credits

Graduation Requirements:

Honors Credit: If a student qualifies to take an honors course, the scale becomes weighted where the A will earn 4.5 instead of 4.0. Qualification for honors classes will depend on student aptitude, teacher recommendation, and the student’s willingness to do the extra work required.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!