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Kindergarten Goals:

Our academic program has proven to be a great start for young students. If your kindergarten student is ready to move quickly, some of the listed readiness skills will be added to their list of accomplishment within the first weeks of school.

As a member of ACSI, (Association of Christian Schools International), an organization that oversees our standards, we are confident we are preparing our students for the highest of standards.

Below is a list of some areas of learning which are foundational to success in our Kindergarten.

Recognition of letters A-Z

Recognition of numbers 1-10

Counting to 20

Pre-writing skills: tracing lines & shapes

Pre-reading concepts: top, bottom, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, left, right

Concepts of larger and smaller

Recognition of colors and shapes

Cutting and coloring

Zipping and buttoning

Listening & following directions

Sharing with others

Able to work independently

Is my child ready for KINDERGARTEN at Mintz Christian Academy?

It is the mission of MCA to offer a nurturing Christian-based education on a solid foundation spiritually, academically and socially.  This excellence is based upon the readiness of our students for various learning experiences. Therefore, your child’s success in kindergarten will depend upon several factors. Of primary importance would be is your child willing to take a risk. Students need to attend and participate in learning. Our program also expects the students to have proficiency in a variety of readiness skills.  Kindergartners need to have reached his/her fifth birthday by Aug. 31.

K5 Curriculum

Bible: Our desire in Bible class is to cause a hunger and thirst for God in our students. We will focus on practical applications of Biblical truths. The curriculum covers Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments showing God’s care and provision for His people then and now. (ACSI text is used)

Language Arts: Phonics is a logical systematic approach for learning to read. Our students will learn and review vowel and consonant sounds, blends, one and two vowel words, digraphs, and sentence comprehension. Reading groups allow small group instruction as their word and sentence reading develops. Our students will take their knowledge of letters and sounds to write their thoughts. Their writing extends the students' knowledge and expressive foundation in language. We teach manuscript writing. (A-Beka text is used)

Mathematics: We use a text where our students not only master concepts in math, but they begin to think mathematically. The K5 curriculum includes number sense (counting by 1,5,10), identify and write numbers 1-100, more or less, ordinal numbers, etc. Addition and subtraction facts to 10 are to be mastered. Fractions, money, time, patterns and measurement as well as geometry are covered. (ACSI text is used)

Science/Social Studies: These subjects lend themselves well to the experience base learning in Kindergarten. The units of study include topics from community helpers, transportation, holidays and children around the world. In science they address the human body, senses, dental health, season, plants and insects.

Art. Computer, P.E., Music and Library: These special classes allow exposure and opportunities for students to learn in a variety of areas. We are committed to these programs for all students from Kindergarten through all grades.